Our Story

We started Fateh in 2018 to build a platform to empower all kids to become a better version of themselves and embrace leadership. We believe that hard work and continuous learning enables success. Fateh means victory and empowering children to experience this dream is Fateh!

Our programs help children experience technology to develop inventors' mindset, build physical endurance and participate in youth leadership programs that focus on helping them become morally straight, mentally strong and physically fit. We believe in “Dasam”, sharing 10% of your most valuable asset, which are your Skills, Time and Knowledge! Join us on this journey!

Our Vision

Fateh envisions a world where every youth regardless of where they come from deserve an equal opportunity to succeed in life. Empowering with Education, Physical endurance and leadership skills is the key that unlocks the door to success and enables them to take responsibility for their own destiny by becoming leaders in their own lives, their families and community.

Physical Endurance

A balance between physical and academic activities helps youth be more focused in achieving their goals. The Physical Endurance programs focuses on team and outdoor activities with focus on changing youth attitude toward fitness and healthy life styles.

Our biking program focuses on youth between the age of 7 - 16 years. We focus on quality biking events, and supports every student-athlete in the core principles of strong body, strong mind and strong character through their efforts on the bike,” according to their mission statement.

Our year long basketball program focuses on youth between the ages of 9 - 14. Every youth in every team gets to participate at every event. Beside developing basketball skills, youth also develop teamwork, making friends, and gaining self-discipline and confidence.

Our Volleyball program starts with two week summer bootcamp and then youth take part in 16 week program with team participating in two major events.

Digital Native

In a world where technology touches every aspect of our lives, it is crucial that our children become active creators of technology. Our programs focus on providing STEM, Coding, Cybersecurity and Leadership education for youth of all ages.

By educating the youth and providing essential tools for parents and families, we can mitigate the dangers of the online world digital natives are introduced to daily. Making the Internet a secure experience for everyone!

This summer program is designed to provide youth age 12 - 17 with foundation leadership competencies that will aid in leading in a digital world. Our learnings focus on emotional intelligence, interpersonal communications,

We increase enthusiasm and proficiency across a variety of STEM fields through problem-based learning (PBL) activities that are fun and educational. The program offers half day outdoor workshops and The summer program.

Youth Leadership

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” - John Quincy Adams

Fateh Foundation believes that families play a key role in youth development. Through our Family leadership conference youth and parents are given the opportunity to lean about the importance of higher education, adopting digital native mindset.

Our work with the youth begins during the summer youth leadership conference, where youth from across West are able develop leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment. We start with a 4 day residencrcial experience which takes place in the Mountains of Yosemite.

1699 is Boy Scouts of America’s sponsored Girls Troop and Cub Scout Program for boys and girls.

Our Team

Montu Mavi

Chief Program Officer

Tanveen Dhallu

Chief Strategy Officer
Youth Leadership Program

Gurman Mavi

Chief Strategy Officer
Digital Native & Physical Endurance Program

Navleen Sandhu

Chief Policy Officer

Dr Manjeet Singh

Chief Strategy Officer